Our Principal SASCO (Sakhalin Shipping Company, a joint stock company) is one of the biggest Russian shipping companies. SASCO vessels, most of which
ice-classed, are able to carry wide range of cargoes, including containers, general, bulk, timber and other cargoes. SASCO is the only Company providing actually a year round sea cargo transportation from De-Kastri, Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan ports.

SASCO is the main Russian domestic carrier; by 2000, SASCO was performing two thirds of all Russian domestic sea carriages. SASCO remains one of major export and import cargo carriers on Russian Far East. SASCO vessels have visited virtually every port of Asian-Pacific Region.

SASCO priority goal now is to provide cargo owners with most convenient routes and delivery terms. Since acquisition, in early 2003, of a specialized Ro-Lo vessels "Lyutoga" and "Paromay", successful experience gathered by SASCO ferries, has been extended for other SASCO regular lines as well.
Now, SASCO operates seven regular lines, one of which (Vanino-Kholmsk) is railway ferry one, two (Vanino-Sakhalin and Otaru-Sakhalin-Vanino) are car ferry ones and three (Vanino-Magadan, Vanino-Petropavlovsk and Busan-Korsakov-Vanino) are container lines.

Since acquisition, in early 70ties, of first "Sakhalin" type ferry boats, SASCO was given an opportunity to arrange regular ferry service. Operating ferries allows to substantially decrease costs and to spare time for carriages as ferries need no assistance of onshore stevedores for cargo handling: railway wagons, cars, trucks and trailers enter into ferry under their own power. Though the ferries were initially designed for carriage only between ports of Vanino and Kholmsk equipped with special ferry berths, SASCO introduced a new technology for cargo handling that allows to use ferries for carriage between virtually any ports. This has given SASCO opportunity to extend ferry transportation geography in general and geography of ferry lines operations in particular.

SASCO fleet not engaged on regular lines performs tramp carriages.
Now, SASCO specializes in various tramp carriages, most of which are timber, coal and scrap export carriages, domestic carriages of coal and other cargoes, as well as various carriages for Sakhalin Shelf Projects (including PSA (Production Shares Agreements') projects.
Main Russian Far East ports (such as Vanino, Vladivostok, Magadan, Sovetskaya Gavan, De-Kastri, Korsakov, Kholmsk, and Sakhalin coal ports of Uglegorsk, Boshnyakovo, and specialized coal berth of Shakhtersk port) are "home" ports of SASCO.
See here for detailed information related to tramp carriage.

SASCO carries passengers on Vanino-Kholms ferry line, using "Sakhalin" type ferries, except for "Sakhalin-10", which performs carriage of dangerous cargo. Passenger ferries are equipped with cafes, videohalls and showers. Various classes of cabins, including de luxe cabins, are available.

SASCO ferry fleet performs carriages of railway wagons, trucks and trailers. Ferries are part of multimode carriage, which can save time and monies for cargo owners since ferries do not require port stevedoring.

SASCO is a member of BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) and Union of Russian Shipowners.